Tai chi (TC) can reduce stress levels in healthy individuals. Australian researchers randomised 50 participants into TC, exercise and wait-list (WL) groups. Participants took part in weekly one-hour instructor-led TC sessions (simplified 24 posture Taiji Quan) during the first six weeks, followed by six weeks of unsupported practice. It was required that participants complete at least five hours of TC practice per week. Significant improvements were observed from baseline for both TC and exercise groups for both state and trait anxiety, mental health and vitality. Superior outcomes were observed for TC when compared with WL for state and trait anxiety and mental health.

The Effects of Twelve Weeks of Tai Chi Practice on Anxiety in Stressed But Healthy People Compared to Exercise and Wait-List Groups-A Randomized Controlled Trial. Clin Psychol. 2018 Jan;74(1):83-92.