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Tyne Tai Chi has been growing since 1987, we are part of the Taoist Arts Organisation and registered with the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts. Our club has produced several teachers over the years some still teaching locally others who have moved away.

Once a year we host a weekend where guest instructors from the organisation teach students from the North East and visiting students from other clubs in the North of England and Scotland.

About The Taoist Arts Organisation


The Taoist Arts Organisation has affiliated clubs all over the UK as well as France and Germany.

We have been part of the local community since the beginning, often involved in community events and have been featured on local television a few years ago.

About Our Classes

Typically we go through a gentle but thorough warm up to help open the joints and align the body, relax and ease unnecessary tension, this usually takes about 40 minutes. Next we work with a partner, testing our structure and alignment, which can be done in several ways.  The aim of this non-competitive testing is teach the practitioner how to release tension while keeping good posture and as a way of understanding the mechanics of the system. The last section of the class involves learning the form, this is what most classes tend to focus on but for us the form, while important, serves as a vehicle to understanding the martial applications of the style and a way of connecting the dots in terms of awareness of position, movement, intent and flow.

Kai Men Open Door

This is a unique system of exercises that are done with fixed breathing patterns, the quality of the internal stretching it creates serves to open the body in a safe and effective way, Kai Men are usually done in sets of a sequence and extension, although the movement patterns seem much less physically challenging than Yoga for example.

Tao Yin – Breathing Exercises

Often translated as breathing therapy, Tao Yin is a much older name for what is now known as Chi Kung. This practice uses both breath and intent, to facilitate gentle movement in a specific way within the body, it uses the breath to support, cleanse or strengthen the internal organs and decompress the body. Often they have poetic names that explain their actions and can be done in sets to achieve particular results.

Push Hands

Done as partner practice, push hands is a valuable tool in teaching students many useful skills, the most important being developing sensitivity, for example through touch, and learning how to keep relaxed both physically and mentally under pressure.  At the start, push hands is done from a fixed position and later on stepping is added and the applications of the ideas within the Tai Chi forms are explored.

Tai Chi Form

Li style has two primary empty hand forms.  A slow form that is divided into three sections. The first focusing on the primary energies of Tai Chi, this form emphasises the unification of body movement and later on goes into more martial applications.  In most classes the focus tends to be on the slow form which consists of 140 movements divided into 11 sequences. The second form, usually referred to as the fast form, works with larger rotational movement, has a wider range of expression and is taught to more advanced students

Monday Class

Heaton Acupuncture Clinic, 182 Portland Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1DJ
6.30pm – 8:00pm

Instructor: Ferris Jerjis
Telephone: Text Only to 07808 867280

Started training in Li style Tai Chi in 1988, the same year starting at Newcastle Polytechnic.  I always had an interest in philosophy and traditional Martial arts and the training at the time fulfilled both of those.

As I continued over the years I found it very beneficial for my sense of physical and mental wellbeing.  Throughout that time I trained in other styles of Chinese martial arts and even did the training to become a national judge for the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts as well as training in the USA and China with various teachers.  I have always been pleased with what I was taught by Tony Swanson and the senior instructors of the Taoist Arts Organisation, as it has always been on a par with the best training that I had received elsewhere.

Outside Tai Chi and Qi Gong training, my time is spent at work and occasionally at my studio.

GRADES: Tai Chi – 4th Tengchi Feng Shou – 4th Tengchi.

QUALIFICATIONS: First Aid BCCMA National Wushu Judge – Traditional routine BCCMA Sanshou Coach.

Wednesday Class

St George’s Church Hall,
St George’s Close,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 2TF
7.15pm to 8.45pm

Instructor: Steve Austin
Telephone: 0191 2401454
Email: sja@blueyonder.co.uk

I have studied and trained in the Li Family Style of Tai Chi Chuan, Taoist Yoga and Tao Yin respiratory therapy since 1991.  Class is informal with emphasis on the health aspects of Tai Chi.

GRADES: Tai Chi – 1st Tengchi, 1999, 2nd Tengchi, 2014.




Drop in Class £8.00 per session
Block booking five class for £30.00

Classes are limited to 10 people, for drop in please contact the class instructor before turning up to find out if there is space in the class.